Skylar Davidson

Firas Zreik

Musician in Residence, 2024 Artist-composer, Kanunist and educator Firas Zreik has performed and recorded across the world as a leader and highly sought collaborator since 2013. A sonic revolutionary, the Palestine-born New Yorker has transformed global perception of the Kanun. His treatment of the instrument preserves its identity as a vital part of the Maqam …

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image of aida sulova wearing a black coat and face-mask

Aida Sulova

Visual Artist in Residence, 2024 Aida Sulova’s work reflects her upbringing in the Soviet Union and her experiences as a multi-disciplinary artist and independent curator from Kyrgyzstan. She utilizes memory and storytelling as central themes in her artistic practice to explore concepts such as collective memory, nation-building, and the role of individuals within larger social …

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Sahraa Karimi

Writer in Residence, 2023 Sahraa Karimi is a film director, scriptwriter and university Lecturer from Afghanistan.  She belongs to the second generation of Afghan migrants in Iran. In December 2001, when she was 17 years old, she immigrated to the Slovak Republic. Sahraa studied at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Film and TV in …

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Ahmad Fanoos

Musician in Residence, 2022-2023 Ahmad Fanoos is a well-known Afghan vocalist and harmonium player, having headlined and performed in live and televised performances in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Russia, and beyond. Ahmad has been recognized with many prestigious awards, including the Best Artist Award in Afghanistan (2008) and the Golden Voice Award in Dubai (2012). He …

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