Gabeer Moks

Visual Artist in Residence, 2024

Gabeer Moks is an Afghan artist who has been creating impactful art while residing between Melbourne and New York. His passion lies primarily in the realm of public art initiatives, encompassing street art, and he is deeply committed to fostering social transformation through the medium of fine arts. Mok’s artwork is fundamentally humanitarian, tackling themes of displacement, evolving identities, and the revitalization of public spaces.

His commitment to these themes is evident in the wide array of exhibitions he has participated in across the globe. Notably, his artistic journey has led him to showcase his work in venues in Washington D.C., Toronto, Sydney, Berlin, Paris, Turin, Lugano, Columbo, Lahore, and Kabul. These exhibitions have ranged from solo showcases to collaborative group exhibitions, highlighting his versatility and the universal appeal of his work.

Through his art, Gabeer Moks invites viewers to engage with complex societal issues, aiming to provoke thought and inspire action.