AFI has worked with our at-risk artists to commission original works that reflect their lived experiences and commitment to free expression. We invite you to bear witness to these stories and the ongoing fight for artistic freedom by purchasing these works.  

With each purchase of an 11’’ x 14’’ reproduction, you directly contribute to AFI’s mission and support our community of artists. The work’s original artist will receive 20% of all sale proceeds. The remaining proceeds support AFI’s continued provision of pro bono legal and resettlement assistance, which empower at-risk artists as they embark on the journey to safe relocation. 

As culture bearers, innovators, and advocates, the artists we work with tell vital stories through their art. Through our pro bono legal, resettlement, and advocacy work, we at AFI are privileged to amplify their unique creative voices, and support their calls to safeguard artistic freedom and human rights.  

Most importantly, we – the team at AFI and our global community of artists – are eager for you to hold these messages of hope and reflection in your homes. A single artist, a single piece of art, can change the world. Imagine then what we can do together.

Jahan Ara Rafi
Jahan Ara Rafi is an Afghan visual artist and advocate for the rights of Afghan women and girls. She co-founded the Kabul-based Shamama Arts Gallery and the Centre for Women Artists, both of which aim to foster community for Afghan women professionals in arts and culture and to provide training for young women interested in developing their artistic skills.
Her artwork and advocacy made her particularly vulnerable to censorship and persecution under Taliban rule. As such, she fled Afghanistan in August 2021, days after the takeover of Kabul.
With AFI’s legal and resettlement support under our Afghan Artists Protection Project (AAPP), Rafi resettled in the US in 2022 and continues to work as a visual artist championing gender equity in her art.