Ali Asgar Tara

Born in 1991 in, Bangladesh; Ali Asgar Tara is a non-binary (they/them) artist from the Bengal Delta. As a transdisciplinary researcher, artist, activist, and scholar

Maryam Palizgir

Maryam Palizgir is a multidisciplinary Iranian artist and educator who lives and works in NYC. She received her MFA from Georgia State University in 2018.

Nazanin Noroozi

Visual Artist in Residence, 2021 Nazanin Noroozi is a New York-based artist who was born in Tehran, Iran, and a current visual artists in residence

Felix Kaputu

Writer in Residence 2019 Felix Kaputu was a former writer in residence of the New York Artist Safe Haven Residency Program, during which he taught

Faten Gaddes

Visual Artist in Residence, 2020 Faten Gaddes is a French/Tunisian photographer who was Born in Tunisia in 1974. She graduated in Interior Design while indulging in

Kanchana Ugbabe

Writer in Residence, 2018 Kanchana Ugbabe is an Indian-Nigerian Writer and scholar, and a former writer in residence at the New York Artists Safe Haven