Beautiful Forms: Queer Art Unbound


October 13, 2023
- November 29, 2023


Event Details

BEAUTIFUL FORMS: QUEER ART UNBOUND is a celebration of the extraordinary queer artists and fierce allies who are fundamental to the fight for artistic freedom worldwide. This multidisciplinary, multi-day arts festival is presented by AFI, who brought you Revolutions & Movements (2018) and Radical Recitations (2019). 

Beautiful Forms: Queer Art Unbound is being held Friday, October 13th, Saturday, October 14th, and Wednesday, November 29th in NYC!

This year, AFI’s arts festival centers intersectionality, LGBTQIAP+ identities, and allyship, featuring cutting edge artists BIA FERREIRA (Brazil), LAMA EL HOMAÏSSI (Lebanon), FARAZ ARIF ANSARI (India), and MEHRDAD HASANI (Iran). Wielding the power of performance and storytelling, Bia, Lama, Faraz, and Mehrdad demonstrate how queer musical, theatrical, and film narratives disrupt dangerous norms and uplift those that venerate free expression. 

BEAUTIFUL FORMS: QUEER ART UNBOUND honors the many diverse and beautiful forms queer identities, art, and allyship can take and champions the rights to create, move, live, and love freely – unbound and without fear. JOIN US!

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