Emel Mathlouthi: “Everywhere We Looked Was Burning” Fall Tour 2019


October 17, 2019


1215 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009

Event Details

Artistic Freedom Initiative, the Arab-American Institute and the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee are partnering to bring Emel Mathlouthi back to Washington DC, this time on the Lincoln Theatre stage! This performance is part of Emel’s “Everywhere We Looked Was Burning” Fall 2019 Tour, marking the release of her first English-language album of the same name.  

Featured in the Guardian, Pitchfork, & NPR, Emel Mathlouthi was hailed as the voice of the Tunisian Revolution when her protest songs became anthems of the 2010 uprising. Her song “Kelmti Horra” (My Word is Free) became a rallying cry for protesters across the region, eventually earning her a role as the opening act of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony. Following a number of these explosive performances, her songs were banned from the airwaves in Tunisia.  

On her latest album, she worked with producers Chris Tabron (Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, The Strokes) and Marta Salogni (Björk, M.I.A., Liars) to bring to life her musical dedication to a dying earth. Nature sounds and strong imagery bring the wounded forest to life in her music.  As she tells it: “It’s not the time to do music just to enjoy the song. It’s time to shake people.” (Inside Arabia) 

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