Professor Of Law, Director Of Center For Social Justice, Seton Hall Law

Lori A. Nessel’s teaching and scholarship focus largely in the areas of immigration and refugee law and policy, international human rights, rule of law, and access to justice. She is a Professor of Law and the Director of Seton Hall University School of Law’s Center for Social Justice.  

Professor Nessel regularly teaches Immigration and Naturalization Law and the Immigrants’ Rights/International Human Rights Clinic, where she supervises live cases and human rights fact-finding and advocacy projects. In 2006, Professor Nessel was appointed Director of the Center for Social Justice, home of the Law School’s large Clinical and Pro Bono Programs. She has also been actively involved in designing the International Human Rights/Rule of Law Initiative, is the faculty director of the Haiti Rule of Law Project and is in the process of designing a new Guatemala Rule of Law Project.

Professor Nessel has written numerous scholarly articles on various aspects of immigration and international human rights norms. Her scholarship has been published in top academic journals (including University of Minnesota Law Review and Harvard Civil Rights Civil Liberties Law Review) and republished in annual immigration anthologies.