Film Producer, Festival Programmer

Sara Nodjoumi is a film producer and festival programmer. She co-produced and co-directed I Call Myself Persian: Iranians In America, which aired on PBS and premiered at the MoMA Documentary Fortnight.    

Nodjoumi joined director Till Schauder as an Associate Producer on his feature films Santa Smoke and Duke’s House. Their collaboration continues with the feature documentary The Reggae Boyz, which won the Audience Award at the Brooklyn Film Festival in 2019, and When God Sleeps, which won Most Valuable Documentary of the Year from Cinema for Peace during the 2017 Berlinale, and the Golden Heynal Award at the Krakow Film Festival the same year.   

In 2012 she produced The Iran Job, which was released theatrically and on Netflix. In Germany, the film was shortlisted for a German Academy Award. For The Iran Job Nodjoumi managed two of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time. In 2013, the film went on to win the award for best documentary entry at the Arlington International Film Festival, Arlington, Massachusetts, and was short-listed for the German Academy Award. 

From 2004-2009, Nodjoumi worked at the Tribeca Film Festival as an Associate Programmer and is currently the Artistic Director of the New York Sephardic Film Festival. She is frequently invited to serve on and moderate film festival juries and industry panels and is also consulting on crowd-funding and audience engagement campaigns.