The Artistic Freedom Monitor

Driven by our commitment to create meaningful change in the field of artistic freedom and improve conditions for artists in their home countries, the Artistic Freedom Monitor is a first-of-its-kind project focused on research and policy advocacy for free creative expression.

As authoritarianism and militarized violence continue to endanger artistic communities across the globe, AFI’s commitment to improving conditions for artists in their home countries takes on new urgency. 

AFI has established the Artistic Freedom Monitor to more proactively pursue our goal of addressing the root causes of artistic suppression and advocating for a future in which all artists can create freely and safely in their home countries. We are confident that the Artistic Freedom Monitor’s ongoing report series will be a vital tool in our collective work to accomplish these goals.

The Artistic Freedom Monitor’s in-depth, country-specific human rights reports will:

  • Document the unique challenges facing artistic communities in the focus country; 
  • Call out rights violations committed by the focus country’s government;
  • Advocate for the strengthening of existing rights protection mechanisms; and,
  • Provide actionable recommendations to global policymakers for the benefit of all artistic communities.


Through the Artistic Freedom Monitor, AFI aims to address global underreporting on artistic freedom, elevate the importance of plurality in the arts, and advocate for more thorough protection of artists’ rights.

The Artistic Freedom Monitor is supported by generous funding from the SDK Foundation for Human Dignity.

“Systematic Suppression: Hungary’s Arts and Culture in Crisis” is the first report of the Artistic Freedom Monitor series, created in partnership with UC Berkeley School of Law and Columbia University’s Harriman Institute and funded by the SDK Foundation for Human Dignity. Read more. 

Photo credits: Gareth Smit, Jonathan McPhail, Nosrat Tarighi.