Aida Sulova

Visual Artist in Residence, 2024

Aida Sulova’s work reflects her upbringing in the Soviet Union and her experiences as a multi-disciplinary artist and independent curator from Kyrgyzstan. She utilizes memory and storytelling as central themes in her artistic practice to explore concepts such as collective memory, nation-building, and the role of individuals within larger social contexts. Drawing from her own experiences and the stories of others, Sulova delves into the complexities of history, identity, and societal structures. Through her art, she seeks to uncover and challenge dominant narratives, shedding light on marginalized perspectives and forgotten histories.

Sulova’s approach is interdisciplinary, incorporating various mediums such as visual art, installation, community projects, and curation. This allows her to engage with her audience on multiple levels, inviting them to participate in the exploration of themes that are both personal and universal.

She has exhibited her work internationally, and select exhibitions including Art Bazaar at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (2022), Artistic Freedom Initiative’s Revolutions & Movements at Dupont Underground, Washington, DC (2018); Song of Felt at Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea (2018). Sulova curated News from Central Asia at The Jewelry Library, New York, USA (2021).

Sulova has curated exhibits including Asphalt: Lines & Lives with the University of Fribourg, News from Central Asia at the Jewelry Library for Jewelry Week 2021, and Topografica for HMA2’s AUCA Public Art Program. She has been featured in The Huffington PostMake Art with PurposeCalvert JournalCentral Asia Forum, and Artsper Magazine.

In addition to freelance art directing and independent curation, Sulova has worked with HMA2 Architects as a Public Art Producer and Designer in New York City (2014-present) and as Creative Director for the Asanbay Art Center in Bishkek (2015-2018).

image of aida sulova wearing a black coat and face-mask