Hadi Nasiri

Visual Artist in Residence, 2017-2018

Hadi Nasiri is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist and activist whose work involves painting, sculpture, film, graphic design, performance, and political protest. From a young age, Hadi has been involved in political activism, launching the underground woman’s rights organization in Iran “Afarinesh.” Living under a repressive regime that severely restricts free expression and dissent, Hadi chose to channel his political frustrations into art and pursued a degree in Visual Media at the University of Shahid Rajaee in Shiraz, Iran. In the face of censorship, oppression, and authoritarianism, he has refused to be silenced.

Hadi was the first artist to participate in the New York City Safe Haven Residency Program. He went on to be an Artist/ Researcher in residence at Flux Factory for a pilot research project between Flux Factory, NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts), and the Node Center for Curatorial Studies. Previously, Nasiri was Artist in Residence at Montalvo Art Center, Saratoga, California, 2012. 
He received the 
Hormozgan’s Governor Young Entrepreneur Award for teaching and creating job opportunities for prisoners in Bandar Abbas City in Southern Iran, and the “Iranian Young Inventor President Award” for making new solar panels using Graphene material, instead of Silicon to create an efficient solar panel in 2008.