Skylar Davidson

Kanchana Ugbabe

Writer in Residence, 2018 Kanchana Ugbabe is an Indian-Nigerian Writer and scholar, and a former writer in residence at the New York Artists Safe Haven Residency Program, during which she taught creative writing at Fordham University. Kanchana’s work surrounds cross-cultural negotiations and ethno-religious conflict in the city of Jos, Nigeria. She spent a year as […]

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Haig Papazian

Musician in Residence, 2021-2022 Haig Papazian is a Lebanese Armenian artist, composer, and architect born in Beirut, and a former musician in residence with SHIM:NYC. He is a founding member and violinist of Mashrou’ Leila, the Lebanese pop band whose electro-pop anthems about political freedoms, race, and modern Arabic identity have challenged the status quo

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Mai Khoi

Musician in Residence, 2020-2021 Mai Khoi, is a Vietnamese musician and composer, and a former musician in residence at SHIM:NYC. Khoi rose to stardom in Vietnam in 2010 after winning the Vietnam Television song and album of the year awards. With her stardom, however, came increasing discomfort with government censorship, and an ever-increasing desire to

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King Raam

Musician in Residence, 2019-2020 King Raam is an Iranian musician, storyteller, actor, and a former musician in residence of SHIM:NYC. He started his performing career as the singer/songwriter/founder of Hypernova, a post-punk band born in the undergrounds of Tehran in the early 2000’s. After touring worldwide with Hypernova, Raam began pursuing a solo career under

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Hadi Nasiri

Visual Artist in Residence, 2017-2018 Hadi Nasiri is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist and activist whose work involves painting, sculpture, film, graphic design, performance, and political protest. From a young age, Hadi has been involved in political activism, launching the underground woman’s rights organization in Iran “Afarinesh.” Living under a repressive regime that severely restricts free

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