Visual Artist in Residence

image of aida sulova wearing a black coat and face-mask

Aida Sulova

Visual Artist in Residence, 2024 Aida Sulova’s work reflects her upbringing in the Soviet Union and her experiences as a multi-disciplinary artist and independent curator from Kyrgyzstan. She utilizes memory and storytelling as central themes in her artistic practice to explore concepts such as collective memory, nation-building, and the role of individuals within larger social …

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Faten Gaddes

Visual Artist in Residence, 2020-2021 Faten Gaddes is a French/Tunisian photographer who was Born in Tunisia in 1974. She graduated in Interior Design while indulging in her passion for photography and sharpening her skills through training classes.  She is a member of the Visual Art Association (VA). Faten Gaddes has repeatedly shown her work, particularly in Sidi …

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