Applications and submissions are typically considered any time throughout the year, on a rolling basis. Candidates meeting AFI – IASP qualifications will be considered by the AFI Selection Committee at least two (2) times per month. Decisions will be announced approximately two (2) weeks after each Selection Committee meeting. 

Emergency Applications

Emergency applications can be considered out of cycle if an applicant’s circumstances do not permit waiting for the next Selection Committee meeting.

Before you apply for an emergency application, you must ensure that you have documentary evidence to prove the urgency.

Note: Applications to participate in an annual business / academic / professional conference, general insecurity, instability, or civil conflict that affects the whole population of a country or region do not qualify as urgent.

1. Imminent Danger

The following conditions must be met to be qualified as an imminent danger:

  • There must be a threat of death or serious physical harm. “Serious physical harm” means that a part of the body is damaged so severely that it cannot be used or cannot be used very well.
  • The threat must be immediate or imminent. This means that you must believe that death or serious physical harm could occur quickly, for example, before AFI could review your application on its regular timeline.

2. Medical Emergency

Basis of urgency must be to obtain emergency medical care or to accompany a relative suffering from an immediate, life-threatening medical condition.

3. Urgent Art Business

Purpose of the request is to attend to an urgent artistic business matter where the situation could not be predicted in advance, and if missed, the artist will suffer a significant loss of opportunity if an emergency evaluation of the application is not provided.

Application Review

In the cases of publicly known candidates or crises, verification can be relatively straightforward, while other cases require extensive investigation and investment of resources. For particular types of reported threats, including anonymous intimidation or situations involving detainment, imprisonment, and/or physical violence, verification is undertaken with particular sensitivity to the security concerns of the applicant. All applicants for IASP are screened against a database containing the names of individuals, groups, and entities on major global sanctions, money laundering, and law enforcement watch lists.

Application Instructions

A complete application package must be submitted online.